2020-12 As some of the Inagone recordings has somewhat been release in various versions in the past the first real official Inagone release is finally out now. It's a three-song single that is called "Where It Begins" and was edited and mixed by PM Saari in October 2020, but all the tracks were recorded some 12-13 years ago. You'll find it at your digital music provider.

Inagone - Where It Begins

2013-09 As four songs from "Your Brand New Root" are out now the very first two Inagone songs "Where It Begins" and "Look And You'll Find" will be released on their own as an EP. They we're supposed to be included on the album but have been pulled out and are now released separately in their original versions. They are both out now on the various Inagone music sites so enjoy!
Inagone - Where it begins

It has been a very long time coming but now it is finally time to release and put out some Inagone music. Due to various reasons the full length album "Your Brand New Root" will be released one song at the time, one every change of months is the plan, starting now with the song "Dried" which is out now at all the INAGONE music sites:

Reverbnation | Soundcloud | Myspace | Last.fm

2012-07 PM and Vesa have spent the past four days at the Beyond Dimensions Studio working on "You Brand New Root" and all the drums and the rhythm guitars on the 11 tracks are now recorded - Taking us one step closer.

Don't forget to come and check Inagone live on stage at Tte Rock The Rålis Festival 2012 in Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm on friday August 3rd.

2012-05 INAGONE delivered a couple of successful kick-ass live shows this spring - once again gigs where the organizers insisted us to come and play. The band is confirmed for the outdoor festival Rock The Rålis Festival 2012 in Stockholm on friday 3 August. Until then the plan is to finish the recording of "Your brand new root".

Until the new material get finished we've put out some tunes at Reverbnation and Myspace, and also some new live videos from the 2012 gigs on Youtube and Facebook.

We recentlyg found out that Inagone is ranked at numner 14 on Reverbnation's Stockhom Sweden Metal Chart.

Remember that here and the official Inagone blog at Myspace and Reverbnation is where you'll find the Inagone news nowadays

- and this is where you'll find the official Inagone merch:
The PM Saari Online Store - Inagone (and off course at the gigs).

2012-02 We're back! We've started rehearsing for some upcoming live shows. We're also scheduling studio-time to finish the last parts of the recording of the full-length album "Your band new root". The live dates are put out here and on Facebook and Reverbnation as they get confirmed.

2010-12 ...INAGONE is still alive, just asleep a little while... The official Inagone Blog is found at: http://www.myspace.com/inagone/blog.

2010-02 Time truly flies one by. A new year and all! 2009 was for Inagone an exiting and a good year, most because the band found itself playing live way more than was planned. Due to that and other obligations of the four band members the recording of "7" has been postponed a bit. But since there's no release date, there's no dead line, there's no need to force and rush it.

The band are now booking some cool gigs which are announced as they get confirmed starting with a gig at Debaser Slussen (Stockholm, Sweden) with Sideburn tonight (17 March).

The first official Inagone T-shirts has arrived and look killer, check it out at Myspace or on Facebook.

The gigs at Rock the Rålis Festival and at Harry B James was totally overwhelming - Harry B was packed and the band was totally fired up and delivered a full Inagone live set and received such a smashing feedback from the audience - total success! At the Rock the Rålis gig the band finally got the chance to prove what action they really can deliver on a full-size stage, also that was a smashing hit.

A massive thanks to everyone who was at the shows and checked Inagone out! Also big thanks to Martin Lagerström, Little John and Jan Viberg for shooting some video and to Patrik Björs Strand and Larsson for taking some real great still-shots. Also thanks to the venues for having us playing there.

The schedule that involves releasing one new song/month is somewhat off, due to several reasons, but at the beginning of september the next new Inagone song will be out, shortly followed by another one. The next song out will be the heavy kick-ass in-your face thrasher called "Thing's ain't always what they seem".

For now there are a bunch of video-shots from the last gigs and rehearsals out for you and also some photos from the gigs and the work progress at the video and photos sections at our myspace-site.

2009-06 The second song from "7" is now finished and out. It's called "Stronger" and is one of those songs that has probably every element of Inagone in it. You'll find the virtuosity, the jamming, the arrangement, the progressive elements along with the catchy melodies, the lyrics that says something, the mood, the kick-ass action.. well, it pretty much sums up what Inagone, when it comes to the recorded material, is about. The lyrics are written by Saari and music by Saari and Linzander. This first mix is mixed and produced by PM Saari.

2009-05 The first new song of the upcoming full-length release "7" is finally out. It's called "Thousand times (I am)" and is a beautiful progressive little piece. We want to make clear that it's not supposed to be seen as a single in any way - it's simply the first song that we finished and therefore the first song out. We haven't even ever played it live so it's a brand new one, never heard before.
We will release one new song/month at myspace starting with this one now.

As we just finished off the last gig this round we want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank every single one who turned up at the gigs and supported Inagone and also Eoin O'Connor, Roger Eriksson, Robban, Johan Klevenskog, Larsson, Harry B James, The Dubliner, Mental Nights, Stallion Four, Eterno - THANK YOU!

2009-04 In the middle of recording "7" Inagone were asked to do a couple of gigs, which we off course couldn't say no to. This however means that the recording will be postponed even further - but we're not in any kind of hurry, so.

Some weeks ago the band performed at a pretty crowded The Dubliner Stockholm - special thanks to Roger Eriksson in Eterno for that one - and got the most positive feedback ever possible and the band were asked to get back and do another gig there asap and so it shall be in May 10th. Check out the "Live"-section for details and other gigs.
- The thing is that after every single gig Inagone have ever done the band has been asked to come back for another round - that should say something about Inagone live on stage.

2009-02 The gig at Mental Nights went all down real great. The place was packed, Inagone kicked some serious ass on stage and we all had the greatest of times! Special thanks to everyone who showed up and to Robban at Mental Nights for having us playing there! You rock!

Photos from the gig are out at the inagone myspace photos sections.

2008-12 The recording of the upcoming album, which will be called "7", is about half-ways now and will be finished somewhere in 2009.

A live-gig has been booked Friday 6 february at Mental Nights, Centrumslingan 23, Solna Centrum, Sweden. An Inagone kick-ass live mayhem and a major Inagone-energy-discharge guaranteed.

The band will now take an early and long holiday-break and will be back in 2009, both on stage and in the studio.

Be sure to check all the "work-progress"-photos that are out on the inagone myspace photos- and video sections.

INAGONE has now started to work on a full-length album. The band will focus on writing, arranging and recording the next half year or so.

Some live dates may turn up on the road though.

We'll keep you posted, and reporting as the work goes on.

2008-03 Thanks everyone so much for turning up at the gig and showing us your support! It means the world to us! You rule!! ..and thanks to ROQ for having us!

So the first ever INAGONE-gig is down and it all went down amazingly well. Everyone in the band had the greatest of time and the band received amazing feedback after the show.

We've put out live video recordings of every single song from the gig at the myspace-site - so check it out here and tell us what you think..
... and remember:
his is raw, this is for real, uncut, unmixed, unfixed and untrixed, pure INAGONE mayhem kick-ass live action!

The set-list ended up as follow:
1. Look and you'll find
2. Where's my bones?
3. Where it begins
4. Never
5. 7
6. Self
7. Thing's ain't always what they seem

We're happy to announce that the first INAGONE-gig is booked and confirmed. It will take place at ROQ, Gyldéngatan 2 (T-bana Odenplan), Stockholm (Sweden) Saturday 23 February. The band will start playing around 9 PM. Free entrance. Check out the poster here to the right.
More live dates will follow as they're confirmed.

Inagone - Where it beginsThe recorded songs has now taken physical form as a two-song (+ one B-side) promo CD "Where it begins".
Check out the final sleeve here to the left.

The songs are found at the media section.


2008-01 A new year - the year of INAGONE taking it's grown up form. Two new tracks are finished and out to be listened to at the Inagone myspace-site. One rocker called "Look and you'll find" and one softer, acoustic, sort of a B-side called "Unclose". Lyrics and more info at the media-section.

In the next weeks PM and Per will finish up the writing of the vocals and lyrics of the next two tunes called "7" and "Never". Then the band will hit the bunker and put together a live-set of 6-7 Inagone songs. Everyone involved are really exited to take this all on stage - That's where this all belongs, that's where the magic of Inagone happens.

To document the progress of the development in the INAGONE-camp we've put out some photos and a recording of a jam (without vocals) of a brand new song called "7". Check it out.

We've also deepened the site a bit with more photos and more in-deep bios on the band members at the info section.

As you might have noticed there's a pretty heavy activity at the INAGONE myspace site, we've passed 3000 visitors and 1000 listenings of the first song already - and tons of positive feedback! A nice beginning indeed -
A massive thanks to all you who support us there!

The vocals is now recorded and PM will start mixing the next two songs which will be finished and out in two-three weeks.

2007-11 This, the official INAGONE web site is launched following the release of the very first song out, "Where it begins" and the INAGONE myspace-site, with which this site will be going hand in hand with.

There are also a bunch of great looking band-photos from the very first INAGONE photo-session shot by Sammy DeLaCruz, who will work closely with the band in the future.

As the band now will continue recording and rehearsing it all into shape there will be put out some visual and audio insight report as he work goes along. The naked truth about INAGONE taking form, one could say. So keep you eyes open for that.


Inagone Live on Stage